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Industry leading, online cloud fax solutions.

Our Secure, trusted cloud fax capabilities are the go-to for regulated industries.

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icon industry 6 Legal
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Faxing is the backbone that runs through the regulated industries.

Our online cloud faxing services are the perfect upgrade to your existing faxing capabilities
Join the millions of people already making life easier and more secure with eFax.

eFax Corporate has the product to meet your business needs.

Whether you need an electronic signature or a compliant fax – you don’t need to look any further

10 reasons why eFax Corporate is the perfect cloud faxing solution for business fax

Read our whitepaper to learn how cloud fax works to help drive key business outcomes for modern businesses.

Embrace digital transformation and cloud-first strategies to overcome challenges such as:

  • Scalable options SMB & large enterprise
  • Heavily regulated industry compliance
  • High volume faxing made easy