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Accelerating innovation in government

Upgrading existing legacy fax services reliant on costly on-premise infrastructure is imperative to achieving digital transformation and cloud-first strategies across various local and federal government departments and agencies.

Hello eFax!


Eliminate your weakest link

Traditional fax prevents government departments from meeting remote ready goals, strict compliance mandates and workflow automation objectives of digital transformation initiatives. All of these challenges set back critical productivity, cost reduction, sustainability and compliance outcomes.

“Cloud fax is the fastest and quickest way to meet digital transformation, cloud-first and remote ready strategies.”

The preferred solution for all financial services organisations

  • Local and federal departments
  • Local councils
  • Insurance
  • Unions and bodies
  • Regulators & commissions
  • Government agencies

Unlock productivity everywhere

Cloud fax takes out all of the added complexity inherent with traditional faxing. eFax Corporate helps government departments take out the expensive legacy infrastructure, manual paper-based handling and security gaps while adding in the convenience of faxing via email from anywhere compliantly.

What's Important
  • Workflow – Eliminate fax initiated paper trails with integrated application-driven workflows.
  • Compliance – Meet SOX, GLBA and other compliance requirements.
  • Remote ready – Enable staff to easily send and receive faxes without any fax lines or hardware.
  • Consolidation – Ability to centralise admin and management of enterprise-wide fax down to a user level for unified governance.

Deliver key outcomes

icon keyout
  • Speed of delivery – Send and receive faxes directly within your ERP, ECM, SAP or CRM system with the convenience of fax to email technology.
  • IT footprint – Reduce the overall IT footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper-based handling.
  • Paperless – Cut the paper trail with a completely paperless faxing experience anywhere.
  • Cloud-first – Realise the benefits of cloud technology applied across the entire fax ecosystem.

eFax in action

financial services efaxinaction
EY provides each employee an eFax number. I love the ease of use! With my eFax number I can get faxes from wherever and have it land at my email for easy transmission. A big 4 firm like EY uses it as a matter of course. eFax must be doing something right!
Administrator in Accounting
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)

How eFax will help

Cloud fax helps reduce paper streams and physical waste that not only helps the environment but also promotes a healthier workplace. Reducing operating costs associated with increased energy efficiency and office space recovery are some of the other benefits.

Fax by Email

Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as email


Fax Automation

Automate and route faxes to printers, shared network drives


Electronic Signature

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


MFP Integration

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


Paperless Faxing

Migrate to paperless fax processes to eliminate paper trails and manual handling


Digital documents, compliance and the cloud

Learn how to ensure your organisation’s digital document transmissions and storage meet the demands of data privacy regulators.


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