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Improve the health of your fax processes

Spend less time worrying about compliance. Focus more time on patient outcomes. Transform how fax is managed and governed. Gain advantage with a all-in-one fax solution that will provide the security, compliance, workflow optimisations, and dependability, all in the cloud.

Hello eFax!


Reduce complexity, lower costs, and improve compliance.

As technological advancements in healthcare adopt digital processes to effectively streamline patient care, legacy fax systems continue to disrupt transformation goals in the healthcare industry.

“Cloud fax can help eliminate the complexity, costly fax infrastructure and compliance gaps traditional fax machines and servers leave behind.”

The preferred solution for the healthcare industry

  • General practice
  • Chemists
  • Hospitals
  • Pharma
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Psychiatric facilities

Simplify faxing in the cloud

A hosted cloud fax solution from eFax can take out the significant expense associated with maintaining on-premise fax servers, while at the same time providing; greater scalability, compliance, and reliability benefits; not possible by on-site infrastructure.

What's Important
  • Workflow – Eliminate fax initiated paper trails with integrated application-driven workflows directly into EHR, ERP, CRM and SAP platforms.
  • Compliance – Prevent data security breaches and meet strict privacy standards to protect patient data.
  • Reliability – Send and receive fax documents reliably without deliverability issues of legacy fax servers and analog PSTN fax lines.
  • Server-less – Eliminate IT footprint such as fax lines, on-premise fax servers and fax machines while still maintaining existing MFPs with cloud fax.

Deliver key outcomes

icon keyout
  • Intelligent routing – Route faxes to network drives and folders with Auto-print capability.
  • IT footprint – Reduce the overall IT footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper-based handling process.
  • Data security – Protect sensitive document transmissions with the most advanced cryptographic encryption technology for all fax transmissions that meet and exceed worldwide healthcare compliance standards.
  • Cloud-first – Realise the benefits of cloud technology applied across the entire fax ecosystem to align with digital transformation outcomes.

eFax in action

“eFax's corporate solution allows me to achieve more by digitally faxing documents with HIPPA compliance. It also allows you to sign documents within the application, offers mobile applications and what got me the most excited, it works with Google Drive.”
Hospital & healthcare
201-500 employees

How eFax will help

Cloud fax helps reduce paper streams and physical waste which helps the environment. It promotes a healthier workplace and reduces operating costs (associated with increased energy efficiency and office space recovery) too.

Fax by Email

Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as email


Fax Automation

Automate and route faxes to printers, shared network drives


eFax API

RESTful API integrates with any ERP, CRM, SAP & EHR systems


MFP Integration

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


Paperless Faxing

Migrate to paperless fax processes to eliminate paper trails and manual handling


30% of large-scale HIPAA data breaches involve lost or stolen mobile devices


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