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The fax solution that delivers more than just a fax

Fax is core to any medical practice, but the old way of faxing is soon becoming the hidden efficiency killer that can’t be ignored any longer. In fact, the old way of faxing is leaving medical practices exposed to data breaches and compliance gaps practice managers simply can’t afford.

Hello eFax!


Adopt best practice in fax technology

Cloud fax with eFax Corporate replaces legacy “on-premise” fax technology for a cloud-hosted fax service designed for modern medical practices of today. This solution updates traditional hardware-based faxing with a more digital-led fax solution designed to meet today’s stringent compliance requirements, digital heavy workflows and virtual patient care model.

“Cloud fax helps modern medical centres and clinics perform patient care virtually anywhere without worrying about compliance or data security.”

The preferred solution for all medical practices

  • GP practices
  • Specialist practices
  • Allied health clinic
  • Ultrasound and X-Ray clinics
  • Pathology services
  • Home doctor and Telehealth

Smarter, universal faxing for your entire practice

With the rising adoption of home doctor services and Telehealth services, mobility is critical. Cloud fax removes all barriers inherent with traditional ways of faxing (fax servers, fax machines, fax lines etc.) to empower practice managers, admin teams and GPs to do what they do best.

What's Important
  • Workflow – Eliminate fax initiated paper trails with integrated application-driven workflows.
  • Compliance – Prevent data security breaches and meet strict privacy standards.
  • Reliability – Send and receive fax documents reliably without deliverability issues of legacy fax servers and analog PSTN fax lines.
  • Server-less – Reduce the fax IT footprint such as fax lines/servers while still maintaining existing MFPs.

Deliver key outcomes

icon keyout
  • Intelligent routing – Route faxes to network drives and folders with Auto-print capability.
  • IT footprint – Reduce the overall IT footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper-based handling process.
  • Paperless – Cut the paper trail with a completely paperless faxing experience anywhere with compliant fax storage and archiving.
  • Cloud-first – Realise the benefits of cloud technology applied across the entire fax ecosystem.

eFax in action

I love how easy this is to use and the level of integration it has with our software. We send and receive faxes with very few problems. Much more economical than maintaining standard machines.
Jon A
Medical Practice, 501-1000 employees

How eFax will help

Cloud fax helps reduce paper streams and physical waste that not only helps the environment but also promotes a healthier workplace. Reducing operating costs associated with increased energy efficiency and office space recovery are some of the other benefits.

Fax by Email

Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as email


Fax Automation

Automate and route faxes to printers, shared network drives


Electronic Signature

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


MFP Integration

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


Paperless Faxing

Migrate to paperless fax processes to eliminate paper trails and manual handling


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