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Retail is  always evolving, so should your fax technology

Cloud fax can help simplify your entire fax service unlocking much-needed productivity and cost savings with the added benefits of cloud technology.

Hello eFax!


Modernise for a resilient future

The time to finally bring your fax services online is now. Don’t risk falling behind in keeping pace with technological advancements designed to run retail organisations more efficiently and cost-effectively with agility to face a marketplace fast disrupting retailing.

“Your business is as strong as the weakest link – cloud fax helps retailers update their legacy fax infrastructure and processes to meet cloud-first and digital transformation goals.”

The preferred solution for all types of retailers

  • Online retailing
  • Brick and mortar
  • Franchising
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Specialty retailing

Gain the agility of cloud fax to keep pace

Retailers are asked to deal with complex logistics across a network of warehouses, distribution centres and shops. Orders, invoices and employee records are just some of the many documents that touch the fax machines daily either at the head office, branch or outlet stores.

What's Important
  • Workflow – Eliminate fax initiated paper trails with integrated application-driven workflows.
  • Productivity – Drive productivity improvements in document management.
  • Cost savings – Cost reduction initiatives designed to boost profits and operational efficiencies.
  • Technology – Adopt new technology to help accelerate, automate and scale.

Deliver key outcomes

icon keyout
  • Centralisation – Centralise and manage the entire fax service across all stores, warehouses and offices.
  • IT footprint – Reduce the overall IT footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper-based handling.
  • Digitisation – Integrate directly into critical applications and platforms to unify workstreams.
  • Cloud-first – Realise the benefits of cloud technology applied across the entire fax ecosystem.

eFax in action

With eFax Corporate, produce orders are now received digitally via email which makes them easier to share and forward to other staff members for processing.
Matthew Preston
IT Manager, Total Worldfresh

How eFax will help

Cloud fax helps reduce paper streams and physical waste that not only helps the environment but also promotes a healthier workplace. Reducing operating costs associated with increased energy efficiency and office space recovery are some of the other benefits.

Fax by Email

Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as email


Fax Automation

Automate and route faxes to printers, shared network drives


eFax API

RESTful API integrates with any ERP, CRM, SAP & EHR systems


MFP Integration

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


Paperless Faxing

Migrate to paperless fax processes to eliminate paper trails and manual handling


Total Worldfresh reduces faxing costs and increases efficiency with fax-to-email service

Learn how Total Worldfresh was able to use eFax to streamline their supply chain and ordering process helping them to achieve fast turnarounds and delivery of quality produce to their retailers.


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