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Become an eFax marketplace partner

Claim your portion of the £586 million cloud fax market with the world’s #1 brand.

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Why leading software reseller marketplaces are benefiting from
offering eFax — and why you should too.

Capitalise on a still-growing market

As amazing as it sounds, cloud faxing is a booming business.
A MarketWatch report found that the global cloud fax market was £293 million at the end of 2019—and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10% to reach £586 million by 2026.

The smart, easy way for your business to take advantage of this increasing demand for cloud faxing is to add eFax to your marketplace — and begin enjoying recurring revenue as your customers download the app and sign up for our monthly subscription service.

Cloud Fax

  • 2019
    £293 million
  • 2026
    £586 million
valuable service

Give your customers
a valuable service

Businesses across a wide range of industries — real estate, healthcare, insurance, finance, legal, manufacturing, education, retail, etc. — prefer to transmit documents via a Secure IP Cloud fax. In fact, many of these industries have regulatory pressure
to do so. That means your SMB to Enterprise customers need the ability to send and receive documents.

The worldwide digital transformation has helped business leaders migrate from antiquated fax machines to an all-digital cloud faxing solution.

Your customers can subscribe to eFax from your marketplace, sign up for the service, and start sending and receiving digital faxes in minutes

For more than 20 years,
eFax has been the gold standard in digital faxing.

build credibility brand

Build credibility with a trusted brand

For more than 20 years, eFax has been the gold standard in digital faxing. When you become an eFax marketplace partner, you’ll be offering your customers the world’s #1 cloud fax solution, serving millions of businesses worldwide.

And you’ll never have to worry that the fax service you’re selling will let your customers down. eFax is built on the industry’s most proven cloud fax platform, with advanced security protocols to protect our customers’ data, and 24/7 live technical support.

Earn recurring revenue for years

The average eFax B2B customer keeps their cloud fax secure document send subscription active with us for years. The value proposition—paperless fax capability anywhere, on any device, for less than the cost of landline phone service—just makes sense.

As an eFax marketplace partner, you’ll enjoy far more than just a one-and-done fee when a customer signs up for cloud fax. With each new customer who signs up for our service through your marketplace, you’ll be setting up a revenue stream that has the strong potential to continue for years.



Any device

selling support

Benefit from world-class
selling support

When you become an eFax partner, you won’t simply add the eFax app to your marketplace and hope for the best. You’ll also have access to our world-class sales and marketing materials—which have generated millions in sales.

As our partner, you’ll have access to eFax marketing messages proven to generate sales, a library of high-quality videos and other sales assets, and even direct access to our sales team to help you make the most of your marketplace’s eFax offering.

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Sell to customers worldwide

eFax is a truly global cloud-fax brand, offering service and virtual fax numbers in thousands of cities in over 50 countries. Our solution is also designed to help international businesses comply with data privacy laws when sending and receiving personally identifiable information (PII) by fax.

“Pharmacies can’t afford compliance gaps driven by
paper-based outdated fax technology”

Start earning now… it couldn’t be easier

We’ve made the process of becoming an eFax marketplace partner fast, simple, and painless. That’s one reason many of the leading eCommerce companies, distributors, cable, telecom, and managed service providers are quickly adding eFax’s solutions to their marketplace.

eFax offers one-click proposals and ordering to remove any friction from your ability to sign up. Begin selling the world’s most recognized and trusted fax brand in your marketplace today.

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