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Top UCaaS vendors and Managed Service Providers
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Improve your unified digital solutions, create a competitve advantage, and boost their bottom line with eFax.


Enhance your credibility, improve value to clients, and earn additional revenues with the worlds #1 cloud fax service.

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Improve your UCaaS platform

If you’re offering cloud-based unified communications, one service that’s easy to overlook in your portfolio is faxing. After all, isn’t this a relic technology from the 1980s? Actually, the demand for fax capability is still alive and well in many of the industries your UCaaS solution serves. A MarketWatch analysis estimates the Digital Cloud Fax Technology market will grow at 10% a year through 2026 — at which point it will be worth more than £586 million.

There are many reasons for fax technology’s staying power: regulatory compliance, data security, the unwillingness of some large companies to retire their expensive fax infrastructure. Regardless of the reasons, your business customers still need fax capability. What better way to offer it than by integrating eFax — the world’s most successful cloud fax brand — into your UCaaS solution, white labelled as a seamless component of your platform?

You’ll enjoy a spike in incremental revenue from your existing customer base as well.

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Increase revenue from current customers

Many of the businesses in our eFax Partner Program — including Marketplace Sellers, SaaS vendors, MSPs, and UCaaS companies — tell us that when they add Digital Cloud Faxing to their suite of available enterprise communications services, they hear from existing customers right away, asking them to add cloud faxing to their accounts.

A large percentage of these customers were still using analogue fax machines, which were expensive to maintain and created additional manual steps that slowed their employees’ workflows. When your customers learn they can finally retire their legacy fax infrastructure and send and receive faxes digitally from anywhere, you’ll enjoy a spike in incremental revenue from your existing customer base as well.

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Capture new customers

Adding Digital Cloud Fax Technology to your portfolio, whether you’re a unified communications provider or an MSP, is a great way to attract new customers. As we pointed out above, organizations in many industries still need the ability to send and receive faxes to continue doing business with their customers, partners, and vendors.

When you offer an enterprise-caliber cloud fax solution as part of your company’s portfolio, you’ll be creating a powerful new lead-generation tool for the many businesses in need of a secure, reliable, and affordable means of sending and receiving faxes electronically.

Build credibility with a world leader

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Receive marketing and sales support

When you become an eFax partner, you’ll have our full support in helping your firm market and sell our cloud fax solution to your new and current customers.

You’ll have access to eFax marketing messages proven to generate sales, a library of high-quality videos and other sales assets, and direct access to our sales team to help you make the most of your eFax offering. For large or complex sales into your customers’ companies, our team of eFax sales and technical experts will even help you in those customer discussions to work out the technical and logistical details.

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Start now— the process is simple

We’ve made the process of becoming an eFax partner fast, simple, and painless. That’s one reason so many UCaaS providers and MSPs have added eFax’s solutions to their product portfolios.

eFax will help you integrate our digital fax platform into your company’s product environment. We’ll also give you tools to help you sell the service, to make it easy to sign your customers to sign up for it, and to help your company track your progress in terms of sales and revenues.

More reasons to become an eFax resale partner:

  • Offer the world’s most trusted name in cloud faxing
  • Choose from a wide range of options for integrating cloud fax into your offering:
    • API or portal integration
    • Seamless integration into your UCaaS platform
    • EMR/EHR integrations for your healthcare customers
    • White label integration
    • Custom integration services
  • Receive eFax support for billing
  • Offer your customers world-class, 24/7 technical support from our experts
  • Help keep your regulated customers compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, and other data-privacy laws

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