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Fax Number Porting

Thank You!

You took the first step towards transforming your entire faxing experience for the better.

An eFax consultant will be in touch with you to activate your FREE trial account and answer any questions you may have about the platform, pricing and migration process. If you don’t want to wait, you can always get in touch by calling 0800 689 0588.

In the mean-time we have compiled a list of the most popular ways your consultant can help:


Choose between a standard eFax vs. eFax Corporate solution

Advanced features

Add-on capabilities such as TLS 1.2, eFax Router, eFax API, eFax Domain Send, eFax Secure etc.


Ideal pricing structure based on fax numbers and usage requirements

Demo account

Demo of the platform with an eFax Corporate sales engineer


Migration and deployment

Free trial

Set up a free trial of the platform to test in a live environment

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