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Fax has moved to
the cloud. For better.

Cloud fax service or fax to email service, is the simple, cost-effective cloud hosted alternative to traditional fax machines and servers.

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It’s time to finally retire your fax hardware

A cloud fax service brings quantifiable benefits to organisations where faxing forms a critical communication channel but also within organisations where faxing is minimally used only to communicate with certain vendors, suppliers or customers.

Cloud fax helps to…

  • Lower fax costs – Regardless of being a high volume user or low volume user, cloud fax will lower your fax costs significantly – on average 70%
  • Improve productivity – Remove the usual productivity killers of legacy faxing without the waiting, being tied to a physical fax machine or dealing with paper based documents
  • Streamline digital workflows – Cloud fax keeps your workplace workflows streamlined and integrated without having to constantly digitise fax documents
  • Boost security & compliance – Easily manage workplace governance, compliance and security of confidential fax documents & data
  • Scale cost effectively – Centralise fax processes and user management with unlimited scalability and redundancy
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Designed for all workplaces

The new workplace has evolved to such an extent, work is done virtually anywhere. This change has driven the need for organisations to enable productivity anywhere while tightening workplace fax process and governance standards to ensure compliance & strict security protocols. This is where a fully hosted cloud fax service ticks all the boxes to meet the demands of a modern workplace.

Cloud faxing provides…
  • Freedom to fax from  anywhere
  • Powerful centralised  control
  • The versatility of  email
  • Unlimited scalability of the  cloud
  • Paperless convenience of  digital
  • State-of-the-art  security
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Cost savings are just
the tip of the iceberg

Businesses of all sizes and types benefit from switching to a cloud fax service. One of the most popular reasons to migrate to a cloud faxing solution is significant cost savings throughout the entire business. There are many direct and indirect costs associated with the traditional way of faxing that many businesses now realise the importance a cloud model delivers. 

Cost savings that go beyond the fax machine.
Traditional faxing costs more than you think.

Hard costs

Legacy fax infrastructure, servers, telco costs, consumables, license fees, CAPEX

IT overheads

Support, Telco management, maintenance, user troubleshooting, server/software upgrades

IT footprint

Fax hardware storage space and physical paper archiving


Costs associated with aligning to strict data-privacy regulations


Inefficiency of physical paper trails, digitising effort, time consuming fax processes, reliability


Limited document management, accessibility limitations of fax, application integration

Do less faxing with cloud fax

Traditional faxing processes are not only extremely clunky and time consuming, but sit outside work streams that directly impact on employee efficiency and engagement. Cloud faxing brings workflows into the digital ecosystem that your workplace thrives on.

More productive

Send a fax in seconds without leaving the desk or waiting

More out of IT

Let your IT teams focus on more important systems and applications

More compliance

Automate fax processes, audit trails and security for reduced data breaches

Cloud fax uncovered

Free yourself and your workplace from fax machines

Switch to a better way of faxing


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