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When the PSTN shuts off, don’t get caught with your fax down.

Make the transition now to an online fax solution and avoid the hassles of the coming PSTN switch-off.

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Keep your faxes flowing through the shutdown of the old-fashioned phone network

If your company uses fax machines or on-premises fax servers, the coming end of the Public Switched Telephone Service (PSTN) — the old-fashioned analogue phone service we’ve used since the 1800s — is going to disrupt your company’s faxing capabilities. Don’t let it happen to you.

You can avoid this hassle by switching now, before the phase-out affects your staff’s workflows, to a cloud fax solution trusted for decades by businesses across Europe and around the world.

Get PSTN ready with eFax

  • Avoid disconnection – Avoid being disconnected and losing your fax number (and service) altogether
  • Protect your fax numbers – Port or transfer your existing fax numbers to the cloud
  • Transition today – Fax number ports and migrations can take over 4-12 weeks. Migrate well before the PSTN cut-off to avoid being disconnected.

Switch before the switch-off

Legacy fax technology uses outdated analogue technology designed to work over an analogue network (i.e. PSTN). As the disconnection of the analogue PSTN network progresses, it’s time to switch to a digital fax solution that not only works on current digital networks but on all future digital networks such as 5G and beyond.

Is your fax digital ready?

Fax online

Send and receive faxes digitally (via web, email, app etc.)

Any network

Works on any internet enabled network (3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi)

Cloud fax number

A fax number that’s never busy and always online on the cloud

No physical connection

Doesn’t require a phone line, VOIP line or modem connection

Device agnostic

Doesn’t require a fax machine to send and receive faxes

One more reason to switch to online faxing (as if you need another)

There’s an easy, cost-effective way to avoid scrambling to figure out how to continue faxing when your telecom cancels your analogue fax lines. Move your organisation to the most trusted online fax brand — now, before it’s too late.

Remove legacy fax hardware

such as fax machines, servers and fax lines

Retain existing fax numbers

by transferring to a digital cloud fax service

Revolutionise your faxing experience

with digital cloud fax

Will the PSTN really be phased out where my company is?

Yes. The phase-out of the old-fashioned phone network is a global undertaking. Most countries across Europe are well underway phasing out their analogue telephony infrastructure
and moving toward digital-only phone systems. All countries are expected to be fully disconnected from the old phone network by 2025.

Fax by Email

Send and receive faxes by email with your dedicated fax number

Anywhere, Anytime

Send and receive faxes with any device (mobile, laptop, computer, tablet), browser or networked multi-function printer

Save Money and time

Save on monthly line rentals costs, fax hardware, phone adapters, maintenance, paper, toner and more importantly time

None of the fax frustrations

Busy lines, paper jams, waiting, missed faxes, downtime, failed faxes, toner run out and more

Switch to a better way of faxing


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Instant Deployment

A fax machine icon to illustrate that you can keep your fax numbers with eFax corporate, or select new ones — with a choice of local, toll-free or international options.

Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones — your choice of local, toll-free or international.

An icon to illustrate how dedicated online fax account managers will help you at every step of your transition to cloud faxing.

Dedicated account managers

Your eFax account manager will help you at every step.

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