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The eFax white label fax service

Earn additional revenue selling the world’s #1
cloud fax solution — under your brand’s name.

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Our multimillion-pound cloud fax infrastructure. Your logo.

Adding cloud fax capability to your product portfolio can improve your offering, create new monthly recurring revenue, and allow you to sell an in-demand service to existing and new customers.

To provide a seamless brand experience, you’ll want to white label your cloud fax solution under your company’s name.

Business faxing
is on the rise

A study in the Washington Post found that 82% of large corporations
are sending either as many or more faxes year over year

The market will
surpass 1$ billion

IDC Research estimates the global market for cloud fax will grow at a 10% annual rate and reach $1.034 billion in the next 5 years

eFax is the most
trusted service

More business trust eFax than any other cloud fax platform in the world, and it’s the only one you should trust with your brand’s name

Why you should join the eFax white label fax programme

enhance brands

Enhance your brand’s product suite

The communications-service industry has become more competitive than it’s ever been, and to stay ahead you need to innovate — to regularly add services that create value for your customers and enhance your overall product suite.

When you become an eFax White Label Fax Service Provider, you’ll be adding the industry’s most trusted, most widely used cloud fax software and network for businesses — and you will be offering a SaaS service under your own brand.

Becoming an eFax white label fax reseller lets you solve all of these challenges.

maintain consistent

Maintain a consistent brand identity

You want to offer world-class secure messaging solutions and you want to own the customers that buy cloud fax. Rather than sell another brand, your organization can offer a NEW service.

Becoming an eFax White Label Fax Reseller lets you solve all of these challenges. By white labelling our service, you’ll be able to introduce a new secure messaging solution — the industry’s most successful cloud fax platform—while maintaining a consistent brand identity across all of your technology offerings, including this one.

capture new customers

Capture new customers

As many of our white label fax resellers have discovered — and as you’ll discover when you add eFax to your product suite — customers will seek you out, eager for digital fax capability. The inclusion of “cloud fax” messaging in your product offering will help you find more small, medium, and enterprise clients. Despite the term ‘FAX,’ the solution that you are solving with eFax is the ability to send hard or soft copy documents digitally, in a secure manner. There is still a large need in many industries; fax remains one of the most popular forms of data transmission among businesses, even today.

Some firms continue faxing because data-privacy regulators favour it. Others need fax capability because the regulated firms they do business with still demand it. Part of the Digital Transformation and Migration to the ‘Cloud’ includes moving away from fax machines in the office. Offering a cloud solution that lets customers fax securely by email, portal, integrated software, or even on a mobile app. Helping you capture new customers — customers you can then introduce to your other services.

Build credibility with a world leader

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Enjoy marketing support and white-label materials

When you become an eFax White Label Service Provider, you’ll receive our full support as your sales and marketing partner. And we’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of our cloud fax solutions, so we’re going to be a helpful sales partner.

You’ll receive full access to our library of eFax marketing and sales materials proven to generate leads and sales — all of which you can white label under your company’s brand name. You’ll also have a success manager whose sole job is to help your sales team succeed. These are just some of the ways we’ll be here to help you make the most of your eFax white label offering.

process simple

Start now — the process is simple

We’ve made the process of becoming an eFax partner fast, simple, and painless. That’s one reason so many UCaaS providers and MSPs have added eFax’s solutions to their product portfolios.

eFax will help you integrate our digital fax platform into your company’s product environment. We’ll also give you tools to help you sell the service, to make it easy to sign your customers to sign up for it, and to help your company track your progress in terms of sales and revenues.

More advantages of becoming an eFax resale partner:

  • Help keep your regulated customers compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, and other data-privacy laws.
  • Offer your customers world-class, 24/7 technical support from our experts (also white labeled under your company’s name).
  • Earn strong profit margins.

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