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Fax numbers
to transform
the way you fax

Cloud based virtual fax numbers transform how traditional faxing is done with benefits that go beyond just the number.

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Go anywhere fax numbers

Traditional fax numbers require an active physical phone line alongside a fax machine to send and receive faxes. This lack of flexibility ties faxing to a single location, single fax machine and a single fax line impacting productivity, mobility and convenience. A cloud fax number with eFax lifts these limitations while improving overall faxing experience for today’s enterprises.

With a cloud fax number

  • No phone lines – No monthly line rental fees, 100% cordless fax number.
  • Never busy fax numbers – Always online fax numbers on the cloud mean you’ll never miss a fax.
  • Never tied to a single device or location – Works with any internet enabled device (laptop, phone, computer or tablet) anywhere in the world.
  • None of the frustrations – No busy signals, no waiting, send multiple faxes simultaneously and never worry about missing a fax again.
local international fax

Local or international
fax numbers

eFax gives you access to the largest range of virtual fax numbers to choose from over 4,900 cities worldwide. Add more coverage to your existing pool of fax numbers with the choice of local UK fax numbers in all major towns and cities along with international fax numbers to ensure complete customer coverage worldwide.

extra mile

Fax numbers that
go the extra mile

Virtual fax numbers don’t suffer from traditional bandwidth issues suffered from traditional fax numbers. This means you don’t need to maintain multiple fax numbers and fax lines to meet your high volume requirements. A single fax number can do it all.


A single fax number is able to send hundreds of faxes concurrently with the need to maintain multiple fax lines.

Incoming and outgoing

A single fax number can receive faxes simultaneously along with faxes being sent without the waiting.

Multiple email addresses

A single fax number can be linked upto 5 email addresses (individual, distribution list, shared mailbox) to be accessed by multiple users.

A simply smarter fax number

Your eFax fax number lives on the cloud so your fax number is as mobile as you and your workforce. A virtual fax number doesn’t suffer from all the physical limitations of a single phone connection giving it virtually unlimited versatility and flexibility not possible from a traditional fax number.

Remote working ready

Access to your fax number from anywhere

Device agnostic

Works with any internet enabled device


Send a single fax or a thousand faxes at once

Online when offline

Always online even when your offline

Switch to a smarter fax number

Free yourself and your workplace from fax machines

Switch to a better way of faxing


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Instant Deployment

A fax machine icon to illustrate that you can keep your fax numbers with eFax corporate, or select new ones — with a choice of local, toll-free or international options.

Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones — your choice of local, toll-free or international.

An icon to illustrate how dedicated online fax account managers will help you at every step of your transition to cloud faxing.

Dedicated account managers

Your eFax account manager will help you at every step.

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